Go Fund Me Campaign - Feed the Frontline COVID 19

San Francisco Bay Area

Community Connected - we are in this together!

St Mary's Hospital - 5/1/20

Videos - Feeding the Frontline

Pineapple King Bakery, Inc.

San Francisco Store | 1915 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

NEW Fremont Store | Mission Square Plaza | 46827 Warm Spring Blvd, Suite 101, Fremont, CA, United States

St Mary's Hospital - 5/20/20

Chinese Hospital in SF Chinatown - 5/19/20

During this difficult time, we have to be strong and stand together to overcome this pandemic.  At Pineapple King Bakery, our restaurant is essential to our customers for daily meals.  We stride for quality and freshly baked goods, which our loyal and returning customers always appreciate.

In addition,  we continue to stay connected and involved with our San Francisco Bay Area community.  In April 2020, we started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise donations to feed our hardworking frontline fighting COVID-19 in San Francisco Bay Area.  With the kind and generosity, we were able to provide fresh baked goods and meals for our health care workers at various hospitals and medical centers. 

We are stronger together and encourage everyone to stay connected and get involved with the community!

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this important cause. 

Thank you for your support!